Wenhao Jing 
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Rare sighting
June 13, 2018
Roshan showed up for a little bit during a 4-0 loss to the Los Angeles Gladiators.
Roshan is barely ever shown during matches these days, but allegedly the team wanted to try to use him to get around the language barrier as much as possible after a mishap in scrims. However, he did so poorly that the team immediately swapped him back out for Fearless in the tanking position for the rest of the series.
Couldn't create opportunities for his team
December 9, 2017
Roshan couldn't provide enough space in Shanghai Dragons' 2-3 loss on Friday against Boston Uprising in the OWL Preseason.
Throughout the entire series, Roshan's Winston was always on the frontline pestering his opponents. Roshan continually dove onto the support-heavy backline of Uprising, helping his team secure much-needed kills. Roshan quickly jumped to, bubbled, and unleashed Primal Rage several times in the series; from jumping into Boston's ulting Soldier:76 on Horizon to leaping on the high ground while attacking first point on Numbani. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to allow the rest of Dragons to swing the match in their favor. Repeatedly, Roshan was either focused down or found out of position, forcing him to scramble back to spawn while the rest of his team died. Ultimately, Shanghai's lack of cohesion cost them the match, but it wasn't for a lack of effort from Roshan.
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