Noh Yeong-Jin 
South Korea
Boston Uprising
Can't stop this Monkey
April 21, 2018
Gamsu stood tall against the London Spitfire in a 2-1 victory for the Boston Uprising on Day 3 of Week 3 in Stage 3 of the OWL.
Gamsu's Winston continued to be a dominating force, even against a team like the Spitfire. Not only was he able to stay alive in the worst of situations, through either well time Jump Packs or Primal Rage, but he made sure to give his team the support they needed. Seoul DPS Munchkin on the backline? Immediate response and counter dive to stop him cold. If Gamsu continues to play this well, the Uprising has a solid chance at taking Stage 3.
Business as usual
April 8, 2018
Gamsu pushed around the Houston Outlaws in the Boston Uprising's 4-0 victory on Day 4 of Week 1 in Stage 3 of the OWL.
Gamsu's Winston continued to be a dominating force for the Uprising. Not only was he regularly diving onto the Houston backline, but moved in sync with Note to disrupt their backline as well. This generated an incredible amount of space that allowed the Boston DPS to completely focus on their targets. Gamsu looks to be increasingly meshing with the Uprising, and hopefully continues on that trend.
Further improves coordination
April 6, 2018
Gamsu gave the Boston Uprising the openings they needed to achieve a 3-2 victory over the Philadelphia Fusion on Day 1 of Week 1 in Stage 3 of the OWL.
Gamsu has been one of the regularly best performing players on the Boston Uprising. Against the Fusion, Gamsu improved his coordination even further with the rest of his team. If Striker's Tracer needed backup, Gamsu's Winston was seconds behind, if not already with him. Gamsu will be a main tank to keep an eye on to see if he continues to improve.
Making Waves with impressive Winston
March 28, 2018
Gamsu was a powerhouse in a 3-2 victory over the Los Angeles Gladiators on Saturday.
Gamsu played ridiculously well during the five-match slugfest against the Los Angeles Gladiators on Saturday, so well in fact that both players and commentators alike are starting to recognize his significance to the Boston Uprising and are in talks of considering him to be one of the best Winston players in the Overwatch League. Critics would be hard pressed to argue with that, as his synergy with teammate Striker is nothing short of spectacular. Week after week Gamsu continues to show just how important quality communication between tanks and DPS can be.
Game changer with huge impact
March 18, 2018
Gamsu was in a league of his own in a close 3-2 victory over the Los Angeles Valiant on Friday.
Gamsu's becoming a household name among Overwatch enthusiasts as his Winston play continues to improve week by week. The most impressive part of his gameplay is his ability to simultaneously create space for his backline while also demolishing his opponents squishies, all without overextending and getting himself killed. In addition to excellent health bar management, Gamsu also times his Primal Rage ultimates perfectly with whatever his team is trying to accomplish, turning Winston into an unstoppable peanut butter monster in the process.
Makes a statement in return
March 15, 2018
Gamsu's return to the stage and incredible performance was rewarded with a 4-0 victory over the Dallas Fuel on Wednesday.
Gamsu's Winston left very little to be desired of his incredible performance, especially on Lijiang Tower. Getting the most precise positioning, he made full use and potential out of his Primal Rages knocking several of the Fuel members off the stage to solidify control on the point. On top of that, his shields were perfectly placed to mitigate incoming damage from the Fuel while allowing the Uprising to keep an offensive position and stance.
Rides the pine in Boston's sweep
March 3, 2018
Gamsu sat on the bench for the entirety of the Boston Uprising's 4-0 sweep of the Florida Mayhem on Friday.
While Gamsu is the usual main tank starter for this team, he was nowhere to be found on Friday. The team opted to go with Kalios in all four games, and the results spoke for themselves. Boston, after struggling in the first three series of Stage 2, looked revitalized with Kalios heading up the team's frontline. Time will tell if this is a permanent change or whether they will go back to Gamsu in the near future.
Can't follow up his damage
March 2, 2018
Gamsu didn't get the support he needed in a 4-0 loss to New York Excelsior on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 2.
Gamsu was the key instigator for fights for Boston, but he struggled to find openings and picks for his team as he dived with his patented Winston. The reason Gamsu struggled so much was because he often had no assistance from his teammates, or he would engage at awkward times. For example, in Boston's attack on Hanamura Gamsu struggled to secure kills on New York's support, a major flaw that allowed New York to inch out a victory. Or he would dive too late, was was the case on Nepal Shrine where he tried to gank Excelsior's Winston after New York had won a previous fight to farm ultimates.
Supreme space maker
February 9, 2018
Gamsu could do no wrong for the Boston Uprising as they smashed the Philadelphia Fusion 4-0.
Gamsu spent the majority of the series on Winston, as Boston is very fond of the dive strategy. He was excellent with his engagements and subsequent disengagements, positioning himself to best get the help he needed and make space for his DPS players.
Blunders with Winston
February 4, 2018
Gamsu had an embarrassing performance in a 4-0 victory over the Los Angeles Valiant on Saturday.
Gamsu overall played very well with Winston, but in Game 2 on Horizon Lunar Colony there was a period where he and his team were waiting for the offensive to come, and despite there being no visible enemies nearby Gamsu accidentally popped his Primal Rage ultimate, wasting it on nothing right before the attack. Fortunately his team was able to hold without it, however, it did put them in a disadvantageous position as they had fewer ultimates available to use than the offensive Valiant.
Commendable tank play
January 20, 2018
Gamsu played well despite suffering a sweep at the hands of the Seoul Dynasty on Friday.
Throughout this series, Gamsu was playing incredibly well with his tank heroes. His Winston was especially strong as his perfectly timed ultimates gave Boston any hope of coming away with a victory here. While they ultimately fell in the series, the way in which Gamsu never seemed to shy away from the competition was commendable and can easily lead to some wins for this team down the line.
Syncs up with Striker for dominant performance
January 13, 2018
Gamsu was impressive in a display of dive composition mastery in Boston Uprising's 4-0 trouncing of the Florida Mayhem on Friday.
Gamsu seldom swapped away from Winston, if at all. He leaped in and out of fights expertly, giving his team an easy path to teamfight wins. He provided his team with shielding, absorbed damage and teamed up with Striker's Tracer to pick up huge kills with an unbelievable amount of consistency.
Replaced by Kikis for remainder of Summer Split
July 12, 2016
Gamsu joined Fnatic before the 2016 Spring Split as a replacement for the departing Huni after a 2015 sojourn with Dignitas that built quite a lot of hype for the Korean import. Unfortunately, unlike the carry role that he was given on Dignitas, he was relegated to a secondary role for Fnatic. His success in such a a system was limited, and Gamsu was clearly one of the Fnatic players struggling the most to keep up with a suddenly extremely competitive EULCS landscape. His impact was limited on tanks and he struggled overall to become a major player for Fnatic. What the future holds from Gamsu is unclear, but Fnatic have committed to ensuring that he can find a new home to continue his career.
Plays for teamfights in sweep of Vitality
July 9, 2016
Gamsu finished Friday with a combined 4/5/13 KDA as Fnatic swept Vitality.
Gamsu was able to provide Fnatic with a good teamfighting presence in their sweep over Vitality on Friday. In Game 1, Gamsu used Rumble. He had a rough start to the game, losing a 2-vs-2 fight with Spirit in the top lane as he overheated and was unable to use The Equalizer. Fnatic got off to a slow for the first 15 minutes of Game 1, but turned things around in the mid game. Gamsu helped swing the momentum with good Equalizer placement in teamfights as Fnatic came from behind. In Game 2, Gamsu played Shen and this team helped Fnatic dominate the entire game. He was able to zone Vitality in teamfights and timed Stand United perfectly to protect his allies and make plays across the map. This was an excellent performance from start to finish to grab the two wins Fnatic needed.
Poor series on Gnar
July 5, 2016
Gamsu ended Fnatic's sweep to GIANTS with a combined 2/5/4 KDA.
Gamsu played two games as Gnar and struggled with his team in each. He was unable to really frontline, as Fnatic fell behind from the early stages of both games. His lack of tankiness in teamfights allowed GIANTS to cut through Fnatic and he was unable to utilize his ultimate to set up kills for Fnatic to try and mount a comeback. It was a poor series overall for the Fnatic top laner, as he managed just one kill in each game and four assists for the entire series.
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