Noh Yeong-Jin 
South Korea
Boston Uprising
Commendable tank play
January 20, 2018
Gamsu played well despite suffering a sweep at the hands of the Seoul Dynasty on Friday.
Throughout this series, Gamsu was playing incredibly well with his tank heroes. His Winston was especially strong as his perfectly timed ultimates gave Boston any hope of coming away with a victory here. While they ultimately fell in the series, the way in which Gamsu never seemed to shy away from the competition was commendable and can easily lead to some wins for this team down the line.
Syncs up with Striker for dominant performance
January 13, 2018
Gamsu was impressive in a display of dive composition mastery in Boston Uprising's 4-0 trouncing of the Florida Mayhem on Friday.
Gamsu seldom swapped away from Winston, if at all. He leaped in and out of fights expertly, giving his team an easy path to teamfight wins. He provided his team with shielding, absorbed damage and teamed up with Striker's Tracer to pick up huge kills with an unbelievable amount of consistency.
Replaced by Kikis for remainder of Summer Split
July 12, 2016
Gamsu joined Fnatic before the 2016 Spring Split as a replacement for the departing Huni after a 2015 sojourn with Dignitas that built quite a lot of hype for the Korean import. Unfortunately, unlike the carry role that he was given on Dignitas, he was relegated to a secondary role for Fnatic. His success in such a a system was limited, and Gamsu was clearly one of the Fnatic players struggling the most to keep up with a suddenly extremely competitive EULCS landscape. His impact was limited on tanks and he struggled overall to become a major player for Fnatic. What the future holds from Gamsu is unclear, but Fnatic have committed to ensuring that he can find a new home to continue his career.
Plays for teamfights in sweep of Vitality
July 9, 2016
Gamsu finished Friday with a combined 4/5/13 KDA as Fnatic swept Vitality.
Gamsu was able to provide Fnatic with a good teamfighting presence in their sweep over Vitality on Friday. In Game 1, Gamsu used Rumble. He had a rough start to the game, losing a 2-vs-2 fight with Spirit in the top lane as he overheated and was unable to use The Equalizer. Fnatic got off to a slow for the first 15 minutes of Game 1, but turned things around in the mid game. Gamsu helped swing the momentum with good Equalizer placement in teamfights as Fnatic came from behind. In Game 2, Gamsu played Shen and this team helped Fnatic dominate the entire game. He was able to zone Vitality in teamfights and timed Stand United perfectly to protect his allies and make plays across the map. This was an excellent performance from start to finish to grab the two wins Fnatic needed.
Poor series on Gnar
July 5, 2016
Gamsu ended Fnatic's sweep to GIANTS with a combined 2/5/4 KDA.
Gamsu played two games as Gnar and struggled with his team in each. He was unable to really frontline, as Fnatic fell behind from the early stages of both games. His lack of tankiness in teamfights allowed GIANTS to cut through Fnatic and he was unable to utilize his ultimate to set up kills for Fnatic to try and mount a comeback. It was a poor series overall for the Fnatic top laner, as he managed just one kill in each game and four assists for the entire series.
Gives away first blood in sweep to G2
July 1, 2016
Gamsu ended Fnatic's sweep at the hands of G2 with a combined 0/6/5 KDA.
Gamsu played Shen in Game 1 and was mostly anonymous. He was killed to give away first blood and was unable to really set up kills for Fnatic. His lone highlight was using his ultimate to set up a kill onto Mithy in the early game for Febiven. In Game 2, Gamsu played Jarvan IV and struggled again. He was killed again to give away first blood and was really unable to one-shot members of G2 at any point in the game.
Gamsu: Uses early lane swap to gain traction in lane
June 24, 2016
Gamsu earned a 6/5/25 KDA in Fnatic's series sweep of ROCCAT.
Gamsu went with an early lane swap and helped fast push the bottom lane tier one turret with his Gnar. He continued to farm his way to a pretty good lead against Parang in the top lane in Game 1. He didn't pick up any kills in the early or mid game, but he did have five assists to help Fnatic keep up the pressure in this game. He kept his lead in lane and was able to use that to beef himself up to be a force in teamfights to help his team dominate. Gamsu picked Shen for Game 2 and once again went for the early lane swap to take down the tier one turret in the bottom lane. The swap allowed him to get a lead over Parang and keep it for the rest of the game. Whereas Game 1 had moments in which ROCCAT looked as though they would comeback and take the win, there were no such moments in Game 2. There was one small moment where ROCCAT stole a Baron, but there was almost no doubt that Fnatic would overcome the buff to still take the win. Part of the ease with which they won came from Gamsu's lead in the top lane.
Gamsu: Doubles up on Trundle in strong series
June 23, 2016
Gamsu ended Fnatic's tie against Origen with a combined 6/2/9 KDA.
Gamsu helped Fnatic to a clean Game 1 win as Trundle. He was able to help fast push the side lane tier one turrets and picked up his lone kill in the first teamfight of the game. Fnatic didn't need a ton of kills to win Game 1, but Gamsu helped siege and zone Origen away from objectives using his pillar. In Game 2, Trundle was again used by Gamsu. Text does not do this game justice, as it was over 80 minutes long and very crazy. Gamsu helped Fnatic in the back and forth game by front lining well, stealing resistances from Origen and zoning with his pillar. It wasn't enough in the end, but overall it was a good series from Gamsu.
Gamsu: Dominant series on Gnar
June 17, 2016
Gamsu ended Fnatic's sweep of Splyce with a combined 3/1/15 KDA.
Gamsu was unkillable in Game 1 for Fnatic on Gnar. He helped fast push the top and bottom tier one turrets early before focusing on teamfighting. Unlike Wunder, Gamsu was excellent in teamfights setting up kills using Mega-Gnar form to crowd control targets and pick up assists. In Game 2, it was much of the same on Gnar, getting off to a huge CS lead over Wunder early. He once again used Gnar to greatly impact teamfights, setting up kills for his carries throughout the game.
Gamsu: Locks Steve in losing lane during win
June 16, 2016
Gamsu earned a 3/4/15 KDA during Fnatic's victory over Schalke.
Rarely does Gamsu stand out during the lane phase, but this series was certainly one of the rare ones where the Fnatic top laner got to have his way with his lane opponent. Game 1 his Shen play set up the 1-3-1 style that Fnatic wanted to play around, swimmingly, enabling his team to take risks more often than Schalke could counter with Steve's Teleport thanks to Gamsu's Stand United. While his teamfight impact couldn't really live up to the utility that Maokai brought to the table, the 1000 HP shields he could give allies with Stand United proved a true lifesaver when faced down with Viktor's burst damage. While his Shadow Dash might not have connected too often, that was only because it almost always prompted a preemptive flash when he cast it. Game 2 started off more rocky for Gamsu, as he fell quite behind Steve in the initial laneswap, but Spirit came to the rescue. He ganked Steve beneath his own second tier turret and earned Gamsu the kill thanks to Explosive Cask. Gamsu then went on to dominate his lane, pinning Steve eternally to the turret. He didn't let his lead sit idle, though, as an amazing four man GNAR! threw all of Schalke into a wall during the first teamfight of the game, easily earning Fnatic the gold lead they had been lacking from the beginning of the game. While the rest of the game would end up getting a bit rocky, mostly due to Fox's obnoxious range and damage, Gamsu would eventually close it out by once again catching Schalke out with his ultimate into a wall, earning Fnatic the 2-0 they so craved after their disappointing loss last week.
Gamsu: Struggles for life against H2K
June 11, 2016
Gamsu ended Fnatic's defeat to H2K with a combined 1/8/4 KDA.
Gamsu was killed repeatedly in Game 1 on Maokai. He fast pushed the top and bottom tier one turrets early, but struggled to do much else. Fnatic failed to snowball and were behind from the beginning of the game, leading to them being dominated in teamfights. Playing Gragas in Game 2, Gamsu again struggled. He was bullied early by Odoamne, falling behind in CS and was solo killed in the mid game by Ryu. He was unable to really frontline or set up kills in this series for Fnatic, which left them no options but to slowly lose the game.
Gamsu: Soaks damage for Fnatic
June 9, 2016
Gamsu ended Fnatic's sweep of UoL with a combined 4/3/17 KDA.
Gamsu frontlined expertly in Game 1 on Gragas. He was able to farm well early and picked up Fnatic's first kill onto Vizicsacsi with help from Spirit. He was extremely important for Fnatic in teamfights setting up kills with his Bodyslam and Explosive Cask. His flash/Bodyslam/Cask onto Veritas in the late game allowed Fnatic to end the game. In Game 2, Gamsu's Maokai struggled against Illaoi in the laning phase, but he had no problem in teamfights. Fnatic stomped in Game 2 and Gamsu used his Twisted Advance in teamfights to set up kills on the UoL carries.
Gamsu: Unable to ever get much going in his lane
June 3, 2016
Gamsu ended Fnatic's series split with Vitality with a 3/2/6 KDA.
Even though Gamsu started off with a good sized CS lead on Cabochard in Game 1, he ended up being down to the Vitality top laner as things hit the 15-minute mark. The battle in the top lane was basically even all game long, with neither player taking that much of a lead at any point. Game 2 was a decline for Gamsu, as he came out the gate down by over 20 CS to Cabochard's Trundle in the top lane. Even though he wasn't able to get anything going in his lane, the dominance from Spirit and Febiven was enough for Fnatic to just dismantle Vitality in Game 2.
Gamsu: Unkillable on Ekko
June 2, 2016
Gamsu finished Fnatic's sweep of GIANTS! with a 9/0/26 KDA in two games as Ekko.
In Game 1, Gamsu was unkillable, as he ended the game with a 5/0/11 KDA. He helped to fast push the top and bottom tier one tower and provided the front line for Fnatic all game long. Fnatic destroyed GIANTS! throughout the game and he highlighted his performance with a triple kill, allowing Fnatic to secure the Baron buff. In Game 2, he dominated again going 4/0/15. He farmed well early and once again provided a huge frontline presence. He was able to set up kills with his Parallel Convergence to stun members of GIANTS! as Fnatic took an easy sweep.
Gamsu: Focuses on tanks in the top lane
April 22, 2016
Gamsu finished the 2016 EULCS Spring Split with a 42/44/99 KDA.
In his first split with Fnatic, Gamsu ditched the carry champions he had been known for on Team Dignitas in favor of front line tanks for most of the season. This resulted in more assist driven performances as his 99 assists were the fifth best among Europe's top laners. While primarily playing tanks, Gamsu was able to have an impressive Week One performance on Olaf featuring a massive 1-vs-2 outplay in his highlight of the split. Fnatic never really amounted much momentum during the Spring Split, but as the team continues to gel, expect them to be one of the best teams during the upcoming Summer Split.
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