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Unable to provide necessary tank damage in loss
October 6, 2016
cocco's use of Reinhardt during the Overwatch Open grand finals wasn't able to provide the the necessary tank offense in the loss.
cocco's Reinhardt took a rather large beating matched up against Misfits' aggressive style of play. It seemed as though cocco could not hold ground for EnVyUs when on defense of Kings Row, allowing a quick Point A take. However, cocco stood ground on offense, swinging his hammer and gaining ground on the payload, but it wasn't enough to take Map One. He also had a few critical final blows to shut down Misfits offense on Watchpoint. cocco kept most of Misfits from the control point of Nepal, turning the game around with a Map 2 win, tying the series 1-1. It was Lijiang Tower where cocco struggled to keep Reinhardt upfront for his teammates to take the control point, only averaging 36-percent total control in the last two rounds.
Misses the beat in Overwatch Open loss
October 6, 2016
HarryHook's Lucio was unable to carry momentum for EnVyUs in the Overwatch Open grand finals loss to Misfits.
HarryHook's Lucio had a poor start to Kings Row defensively, allowing Misfits to steamroll through the first match. Without much help from HarryHook, EnVyUs was tested as Misfits took the early jump and locked down Lucio. However, HarryHook had a few plays where his efforts sealed a final escorted push to take a couple of rounds away from their opponent on Watchpoint and Kings Row. He also had an impressive Nepal map, given Lucio kept the team boosted with map control in overtime, taking a highly contested Map 2. HarryHook had some great plays on Watchpoint but could not carry the momentum onto Lijiang Tower, where the team could not take control after only taking two rounds.
Resurrecting hero in loss
October 6, 2016
chipshajen helped EnVyUs stay in the game with key resurrections, eventually losing the Overwatch Open grand finals to Misfits.
chipshajen was the backbone for EnVyUs throughout the series with key resurrections and supporting damage. chipshajen's multi-resurrection helped EnVyUs stay in the game on Kings Row, allowing his teammates to secure Point A before taking the payload. He then helped in multiple flank situations as Mercy, dealing supportive damage for their Reaper's Death Blossom. Not only was chapshajen's Mercy making big plays, but also his Ana was involved in a big map win on Nepal, tying the series 1-1. Ana was the anchor for EnVyU's offense during two last-minute payload pushes. The extra efforts by chapshajen allowed EnVyUs to keep some of their momentum going despite only winning one map.
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